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Domestic Cleaners

We are a young and fast growing but also highly professional local business. We have the ability, equipment and a team of highly motivated and dedicated cleaners who clean to our own and your exacting high standards.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet cleaning machine hire is another service we can provide. Our specialist DRY FUSION SYSTEM and trained staff can restore even the worst of carpets that look completely soiled.

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Many years of experience allow us to meet the especially high standards of dry cleaning that our customers expect.

Dry Cleaners

All clothing and household items are cleaned and hand-finished, on the premises, to the highest possible standards. All branches of Johnson Cleaners are able to provide a Dry Cleaning service for virtually all items of clothing.

Laundry and Ironing Services

Here at Simply Ironing we provide the best ironing and laundry service in the Cheltenham and Gloucestershire area.

Graffiti Removal

Whether it’s on a painted surface, concrete or brickwork, our special cleaning solutions can remove it for you in just minutes, without damaging your property.

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