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Modern European

To bring some life into the room, the kitchen is in full view, showing off the hard working chefs; a little bit of theatre for your entertainment.

Italian & Pizzeria

Our pizza sauce is made from 100% Italian tomatoes and with a hint of basil From our menu holders to our cutlery, our tables to our plates – and even our waiters – everything has that flair, warmth and cuore (heart).


Whether you're after a quick snack, a light lunch or a leisurely evening meal our main menu has a dish to suit. Bon Appétit! A few questioned why Milton Keynes, simple answer is that it is a vibrant new town and I am never scared of embracing new things.

Spanish Tapas

With dishes from the sea, the field, and the garden, our tapas dishes are sincerely Spanish and our paella's always deliver on flavour.


Already discovered Mexico? Think again! There's always something new to try at Chiquito, and more to Mexican that just hot, hot, hot. Go a la carte and you’ll be treated to a wide selection of tasty treats from Gourmet Fajitas, the Mexican favourite, to healthy salads and seafood.

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